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Innovations in renewable energy

Suvic is a construction company that specialises in energy construction – particularly in wind farm and solar park implementation and project management. In addition, the company offers contract work services for other energy and industrial construction. Planning and budgeting are also included in our services.

We at Suvic are committed to staying at the cutting edge by actively bringing new and innovative practices to the energy construction sector. Our expertise is based on years of experience, and we organise services all the way from small Finnish subprojects to large international projects. The core values of our services include openness and transparency, and we keep our customers up to date on the process from start to finish. We consider many partial solutions on a case-by-case basis, which allows us to ensure the best possible results. Our aim is to produce high-quality services and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Suvic – Developing energy for the future

Want to work for us?

100% of our employees recommend Suvic as an employer! We at Suvic value cooperation, learning and a relaxed work environment. Our culture encourages teamwork, open communication and continuous learning. Our open channels of communication and flat hierarchy promote openness and well-being at work. We believe that cooperation and a relaxed work environment enable innovative development and expertise in both our teams and our projects.

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Suvic AB

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