We offer structural engineering of wind farms with various alternative foundation methods. We carry out structural engineering in-house, as a seamless part of our projects. Our special expertise is founded on education, experience and visionary innovations. We can design and provide site-specific foundation solutions, for example. In wind farm projects, this means that we offer several tested alternatives instead of one compromise solution whenever this will reduce our customer’s costs and allow for a less risky solution.

Although Suvic is a developer, continuous research and development are paramount to us. Our innovative bedrock anchoring foundation serves as an example of our pioneering R&D. Bedrock anchoring allows structures to be firmly anchored onto rock, which significantly decreases the amount of concrete needed for the foundation and the need for heavy-duty vehicle transport on-site – particularly efficient ways to minimise CO2 emissions.

Engineering Services

  • Foundation engineering in the Nordic countries
  • Bedrock anchoring foundation
  • Gravity foundation
  • R&D of basic solutions