The infrastructure construction of the Pjelax-Böle and Kristinestad Norr wind farms is progressing on schedule


Suvic works as the main contractor in the Pjelax-Böle and Kristinestad Norr wind farms. The scope of the project includes the renovation of existing roads and the construction of new ones, the construction of hardstands, and 56 foundations. Suvic also includes underground cabling work for the internal network and transmission line, as well as infrastructure and casting work for the substation. The implementation of the project has started from the Pjelax-Böle wind farm in Närpiö. In the Kristinestad Norr wind farm in the city of Kristiinankupunki, civil works have also started and foundation work begun in the fall 2022 and will continue until spring 2023.

The customer Fortum is already familiar with Suvic from previous projects. In terms of infrastructure, the wind park will be completed in the summer of 2023, when the turbines are already being erected in the municipality of Närpiö. The total power of the park is 380 MW and the annual yield has been calculated to be around 1.1 TWh.

Suvic – Developing energy for the future 

Suvic Oy, established in 2017, is a development company specializing in the construction of energy solutions, in particular wind farm projects and project management. Suvic also offers contracting work for the energy and industrial construction sector. Suvic brings new, innovative practices to the field of energy construction through design, development, and project management. The company’s current projects include Fortum Pjelax-Böle-Kristinestad Norr wind farm (Närpiö, Kristiinankaupunki) and Valrea Kalistanneva wind farm (Kurikka) and Matkussaari wind farm (Kurikka).