The foundations of Paskoonharju 2 wind farm are ready


Suvic’s foundation work at Paskoonharju 2, Teuva, wind farm was completed in November 2020. The project included the design and construction of 21 gravity foundations for the wind farm. Construction of the foundations began for Suvic in May 2020.

Paskoonharju has two previous power plants in production, which were completed in 2018. In the second phase, 21 new power plants will be assembled to the area, which will be commissioned in 2022. The power plants to be installed on the foundations are 155 meters high. The total capacity in the park will be 124 MW and the estimated annual production is 400,000 MWh.

“The tight construction schedule brought its own challenges to the project. During the busiest time of the summer, we built up to four foundations simultaneously. Good coordination of work is particularly important in these projects and it was a great success in this project. Of course, thanks also go to the other contractors on the site”, says Vesa Lehto, the responsible site manager.