The foundation work for the Vermo air-to-water heat pump plant has been completed

The project started in December in Vermo, Espoo, has been completed. Suvic was the main contractor in Fortum’s air-to-water heat pump project. Three piled and reinforced concrete slabs for an air-to-water heat pump were built on the site of a district heating plant in Vermo. This pilot project studies the 1 MW plant in district heating production in challenging climate conditions. Based on the results of the study, the technology can be scaled up for commercial production and the use of coal in district heating production can be abandoned.

“We left to Espoo with a short notice at the end of December and the plan was to complete the project by the end of January. However, thanks to the good contribution of the customer, the site was completed two weeks faster than planned, without compromising on quality”, says Olli Niemelä, the responsible foreman.