Tero Näppä has been hired by Suvic as a foreman

Tero Näppä, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in construction site management, has been hired by Suvic as a foreman. Tero has been working previous summers with infrastructure construction. Now he is supervising the rock anchor drilling and anchor installing works at Karhunnevankangas wind farm in Pyhäjoki. Sometime in the future, Tero plans to become a site manager when he gets more experience and expertise in the field.

A year ago in the summer, Tero planned to apply for a job at Suvic but did not end up applying at that time. However, around Christmas, Suvic’s ad on the side of a taxi caught Tero’s attention, and he decided to apply for a job, from which a few months later Tero started working in Pyhäjoki. Tero describes the work atmosphere as relaxed and the coworkers pleasant, especially the team at the Karhunevankangas construction site. “Happy summer,” Tero wishes at the end of the interview.