Taking a look in to last year’s occupational well-being – better every day

At the end of 2020, we conducted an occupational well-being survey, in which we mapped the staff’s thoughts on topics such as management, working conditions and cooperation. There was a lot of positive in the answers, but there were also a few themes that need to be looked into.

One of the areas for development in the survey was cases related to management and communication. Clarification of roles and processes is key in this, and a solution has already been sought in the autumn by clarifying the project management process. The starting point for clarifying the process is to describe and model a common way of working, and to define the person responsible for the implementation of the matter for the different aspects of the project. This avoids duplication of effort and, on the other hand, ensures that all aspects are being taken into account and held accountable.

“The result of the survey did not come as a surprise. The rapid growth rate emphasizes that job descriptions should be brightened, which also simplifies and enhances the induction of new people. However, this challenge has been identified in the autumn and improvement efforts have been made”, comments Janne Räisänen, construction manager.

The development of occupational well-being in everyday life requires investment in communication at both the individual and company level. This has become a particularly important in the last year, when the number of telecommuting has increased significantly. In order to increase communication, a company-wide monthly meeting has been introduced, where information is shared from construction sites and the office, successes and challenges are discussed, and the company’s situation is generally reviewed in terms of future projects, numbers and other aspects. The file bank of the files created in the project, and the project monitoring system are developed, which makes its own contribution to the field of communication in the development of project management.

“Improving occupational well-being is important to us and although there was a lot of good in the responses to the survey, it is also good to find out where we need to improve. We still have a lot to learn, and you also have to put it into practice”, says CEO Juha Tikkakoski. “We are on the path of continuous learning. Continuous learning keeps the company a flexible and evolving unit that actively strives for better every day”.