Suvic will build the foundations for the air-to-water heat pump plant in Vermo, Espoo

An air-to-water heat pump plant of 1 MW, ie an IVLP plant, will be built in Vermo, Espoo, on the area of an existing district heating plant. Suvic will execute the project management during the civil engineering and foundation work, which is estimated to be completed by the end of January. This is a pilot project in district heating production, where the functionality of new technology is being studied. Vermo IVLP is part of the Espoo Clean Heat plan, which aims to discontinue using coal completely by 2025.

“The project got off to a fast start at a short notice, but is also set at a very good time regarding other projects. It is a pleasure to continue cooperating with Fortum towards a more carbon-neutral society”, says Juha Tikkakoski, CEO.

You can find out more about the Espoo Clean Heat plan: