Suvic has signed a contract for the construction of the 32 MW PV solar plant in Lakari

During 2022, we developed the Solar+ solar power construction concept, thanks to which we will now be able to build our first PV solar plant in the spring of 2023 and expand our business in the construction of renewable energy.

The Lakari solar power area is located near Rauma in Satakunta and has a maximum output of 32 MW. It is currently the largest PV solar plant in Finland, the production of which is estimated to be around 32,000 MWh per year. It covers an area of approximately 40 hectares and is expected to be in production in early 2024. The customer of the Lakari PV solar plant is CPC Finland Oy.

“We are excited about our new territorial acquisition, which we are doing in cooperation with CPC Finland Oy. The ambitious goal of the scalable and innovative Solar+ concept is to offer its customers the most cost-effective PV solar plant on the market with the world’s highest quality technology. Now we get to implement this solar power construction concept in practice,” says Suvic Oy’s Business Manager Jari Koppelo.

Suvic – Developing energy for the future 

Suvic Oy, established in 2017, is a development company specializing in the construction of energy solutions, in particular wind farm projects and project management. Suvic also offers contracting work for the energy and industrial construction sector. Suvic brings new, innovative practices to the field of energy construction through design, development, and project management. The company’s current projects include Fortum Pjelax-Böle-Kristinestad Norr wind farm (Närpiö, Kristiinankaupunki) and Valrea Kalistanneva wind farm (Kurikka), Matkussaari wind farm (Kurikka), Exilion Tuuli Isokangas-Palokangas windfarms (Ii), and CPC Finland Lakari PV solar plant (Lakari).