Suvic designs and builds foundations for Simo Sarvisuo wind park

Suvic has received a significant contract, as the company is responsible for the design and construction of the foundations of Finland’s second-highest wind farm. The wind park is located in Simo’s Sarvisuo area in southwestern Lapland. A total of 27 wind turbines will be built in the wind park.

The project with the Finnish TuuliWatti covers the construction of the wind farm as a turnkey contract. This means that Suvic is responsible for designing and building the foundations for the park.

The wind farm houses 27 wind turbines. The new power plants will improve the competitiveness of wind power and strengthen the growing role of wind power in domestic energy production. When completed, the 151-megawatt wind farm will have an annual output of more than 0.5 terawatt hours, equivalent to about 8% of the country’s total wind power.

The design and construction of the park needed to be handled by someone with sufficient skills in a demanding site. “The power plants at Simo are top-notch. The overall height, the 81-meter-long wingspan and the more powerful turbine are all issues that need to be considered when designing the foundations. We have the expertise to take these issues into account and we can also provide site-specific foundation solutions”, says Juha Tikkakoski, CEO of Suvic Oy.

An investment in a wind park will always increase regional vitality and also provide work during the construction phase. “We are honored to be involved in building a CO2-free energy system. What is especially great about the Simo project is that it will enable us to start cooperation with Tuuliwatti as well”, Juha Tikkakoski continues.

Construction of the wind farm will begin in late 2019 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. For Suvic, work will begin in May 2020 and will be completed by the end of 2020.

For Suvic strong growth continues and in 2020 the company’s turnover will increase to over EUR 30 million. In the near future, the company aims not only to expand its operations but also to actively seek foothold in Sweden.