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Wind farm expert

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Diverse expertise in wind farm construction

Our special skills include wind farm construction and project management. We bring unparalleled knowledge and skills to every project. Our strengths are in-house foundation, electrical and information network planning. Our expertise comes from a combination of training, experience and courage. Our aim is to develop our operations with the help of innovations, in order to be able to implement our projects more cost-effectively and in an environmentally friendly way. When you work with us, you can trust that your project is in professional hands.


We build wind farms in different ways, according to the individual needs of the customer. To achieve this, we cooperate with both Finnish and international partners to build the energy of tomorrow. Throughout the construction phase, we use local expertise and services extensively.

In turnkey contracts, we are responsible for everything from planning and implementation to the arrival of the turbine deliveries. In addition to foundation planning and construction, our skills include electrical and information network planning and implementation in wind farms. We also implement smaller subprojects to a high standard of quality, such as the planning and construction of foundations.


We utilise different foundation methods in structural engineering, the planning of which takes place in-house as part of our projects, allowing us to select the best foundation solution on a site-specific basis. With our in-house planning, we are able to react quickly within the bounds of the variables that might arise at the construction site. For this reason, we do not have to settle on compromises for foundations, and can thus produce financial savings for the customer and reduce risks during the project’s implementation.

Of course, we have not forgotten continuous product development. The products of planning development include the rock anchor foundation method and elevated foundations.


We carry out electrical wiring design in-house and on a project-specific basis, meaning that our customers always receive a solution tailored to the area. Based on the requirements of the project, planning includes the information network, electrical grid and medium voltage transmission line planning. As with structural engineering, we react to situations that arise at the construction site and can adapt our plans when necessary, even in a short timeframe.


Infrastructure planning is carried out in cooperation with reliable partners. As early as the planning phase, we take into account the entire project, from topsoil removal to landscaping.

We follow a comprehensive approach to construction, where we focus on using suitable materials for the project that are available on-location. We take into account the natural state and carrying capacity of the soil, with which we aim to minimise the overuse of rock materials and to utilise various infrastructure construction techniques on the basis of the area’s aspects. Our commitment to sustainable development and resource efficiency guides our decision-making process, and thanks to this, we are able to deliver projects that are both well-built and environmentally responsible.

Planning innovations

Our company’s core values are sustainability, safety and continuous development. We have developed different kinds of innovative operating models which promote sustainable development and safety in our projects. We have experience with incorporating various planning techniques and materials which are in line with our values. We are proud of our commitment to sustainable development and safety, which makes us a responsible partner in all areas of our work.

From concept to implementation

The rock anchor foundation method minimises CO2 emissions by, among other things, reducing the need to drive heavy machinery to the construction site and decreasing the amount of concrete required.

With elevated foundations, the bottom of the tower is an elevated base with iron reinforcements that is cast on-site. With the elevatation, it is possible to optimise the turbine’s electricity production by raising the tower height by several metres, while still within what is permissible by the construction permit.

We also improved the safety of the rock anchor foundation building period with railings, which bring an easy-to-use and reliable protection against falling during the addition of the iron reinforcements.

We at Suvic are proud of our expertise and professional skills in energy and industrial construction projects. With years of experience and our commitment to top talent, we provide high-quality services and aim to exceed our customers’ expectations. We invest in customer satisfaction through open communication, and this makes us a reliable partner in the sector.

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Please send invoices preferably by e-invoice. The invoice must include the site number and code number (littera) as a reference. The invoice should be addressed to each site separately.

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