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Solar power

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Solar power on the turnkey principle

Suvic has developed a turnkey concept for solar power. The model’s implementation includes project and construction site organisation, infrastructure and electrical wiring design, equipment installations, medium and small voltage and direct current cable networks, as well as infrastructure work. In addition, project implementation includes PuistoScada for solar power plant monitoring and production reporting. Suvic also offers the necessary substation planning and implementation for grid connection on the same turnkey principle as the solar farm itself.
Suvic’s Solar+ concept is based on ready-designed Power Block units, which consist of the best components on the market. The customer benefits from the Solar+ concept in terms of both time and money, as they can work with one comprehensive contractor throughout the project.


We are specialised in the construction of large solar power plants as engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts. Our comprehensive approach covers the entire project’s life cycle from planning to implementation and from clearing away trees to commissioning, which guarantees a seamless and efficient process for our customers.

One of our most important strengths is our expertise in the management of large projects. Our team is made up of experienced professionals, and has the skills to operate in various terrains and conditions, ensuring that the construction process proceeds smoothly and according to schedule. With our project management expertise, we prioritise high-quality results that go as planned. To achieve this, we cooperate with both Finnish and international partners in procurements. We also use local partners in the construction phase and make use of their local knowledge and expertise to ensure that the project is seamlessly integrated into the local community.

Our company takes pride in being a partner that is experienced as well as open and responsible. Our commitment to top talent and our comprehensive approach to the construction of solar power plants sets us apart from the rest of the sector. Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, our team is committed to producing high-quality results, while simultaneously prioritising openness, responsibility and effective project management. Thanks to our expertise, we have what it takes to exceed our customers’ expectations and produce exceptional results in solar power plant construction.


We are specialised in the planning and construction of industrial-scale solar power plants. One of our most important strengths is our proactive approach to risk management. We understand that successful solar power plant construction requires careful planning and accounting for possible risks. This is why we thoroughly assess the risks related to a project already during the planning phase, where we can identify and avoid possible pitfalls in the installation phase.

In addition to our internal expertise, we also make use of reliable partners who complement our skillset. Thanks to our cooperation-based approach, we can utilise the collective expertise of our team and partners. The result is a solar power plant that has been built efficiently and reliably to a high level of quality.

We at Suvic are proud of our expertise and professional skills in energy and industrial construction projects. With years of experience and our commitment to top talent, we provide high-quality services and aim to exceed our customers’ expectations. We invest in customer satisfaction through open communication, and this makes us a reliable partner in the sector.

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Please send invoices preferably by e-invoice. The invoice must include the site number and code number (littera) as a reference. The invoice should be addressed to each site separately.

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