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Solar energy

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Solar+ means turnkey solar power

Suvic has developed a turnkey concept for solar power that has attracted substantial interest in the energy construction sector, and the first Solar+ parks are already under construction. Company’s EPC contract model includes project and site organisation, infrastructure and electrical engineering, equipment installation, medium voltage, low voltage and DC cable networks and infrastructure works. In addition, the project implementation includes Park Controller Scada for monitoring and reporting on the production of the solar power plant. Suvic will also provide the design and implementation of the necessary substation on the same turnkey basis as the solar farm itself.

Suvic’s Solar+ concept is based on ready-designed Power Block units, which consist of the best components on the market. The customer benefits from the Solar+ concept in terms of both time and money, as they can work with one comprehensive contractor throughout the project. Our team operates on the principles of transparency, accountability, and efficiency.


We specialise in the construction of large onshore solar power plants under engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contracts. With our project management expertise, our priority is to deliver a high-quality result in line with the design. Our comprehensive approach covers the entire project lifecycle from design to implementation and from deforestation to commissioning, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for our clients.

One of our key strengths is our expertise in managing large-scale projects. Our team of experienced professionals is adept at working in a variety of terrain conditions, ensuring that the construction process proceeds smoothly and on schedule.

We work and communicate closely with local partners during the construction phase, drawing on their local knowledge and expertise to ensure that the project seamlessly integrates into the local community.

Planning and design

As part of our Solar+ concept, we are able to offer a comprehensive design of the entire solar power plant. Our core strengths include in-house civil, construction and electrical design, and an initiative-taking approach to risk management.

We understand that successful solar power plant construction requires careful planning and consideration of potential risks. That is why we thoroughly assess the risks associated with a project at the design stage, allowing us to identify and avoid potential challenges during the construction and installation phases.

Our collaborative approach enables us to leverage the combined expertise of our team and partners. The result is a solar power plant built with high quality, efficiency, and reliability.

Customizable for power plants of varied sizes

Suvic's Solar+ concept is based on pre-designed 4–8 MW Power Block units, composed of the best components and equipment on the market. The scalability of the park is simple and straightforward by increasing or decreasing the number of units. This flexibility extends beyond panel quantity, encompassing the entirety of the Solar+ solution, which can be customized to meet the specific desires and requirements of the customer.

For example, the scope of a Solar+ EPC contract can cover the following aspects of a project:

  • project and site management
  • civil, construction, and electrical engineering
  • Installation and commissioning of all solar farm equipment (mounting structures, solar panels, inverters, etc.)
  • transformer stations and connection to the substation
  • medium-voltage, low-voltage, and DC grids
  • all electrical works
  • civil and construction works, incl. foundations
  • Park Controller Scada for monitoring and controlling the solar park
  • optional HV/MV substation construction
  • optional operation and maintenance services

High-quality components

For Suvic, it is imperative that solar power plants are constructed using top-quality, sustainable components and equipment manufactured responsibly. We have established direct partnerships with premier suppliers in the industry, enabling us to bypass intermediaries and streamline the supply chain, thus reducing costs. Leveraging Suvic's established supply channels, we can also customize components and equipment to meet the specific preferences of our customers."

We have conducted on-site audits of panel suppliers' production facilities. Each panel that arrives at Suvic's site undergoes meticulous inspection at the factory, which includes performance testing. Only the highest-grade panels proceed to be utilized on our sites.

An industrial-scale solar farm entails hundreds of kilometers of cable, making the selection of the appropriate product for each requirement a crucial decision. In procuring cables, we leverage the extensive network of partners we have cultivated over the years in the energy construction sector. Suvic's cables are presently sourced from European factories.

Credible references

We have amassed knowledge and experience in constructing Finland's largest solar PV parks across a variety of soil conditions. Thanks to this expertise, we currently stand out from the competition.

Suvic's inaugural Solar+ endeavor is the Lakari solar park, situated near Rauma. Encompassing approximately 40 hectares, the solar power plant boasts nearly 58,000 installed panels and a total capacity of 32 MW. Upon its completion in spring 2024, this park will claim the title of Finland's largest operational solar power plant. The project is commissioned by CPC Finland.

In early 2024, construction commenced at the Heinineva site in Lapua, a colossal 102.2 MWp project nestled within a former peat production area. Spanning 140 hectares, the park will accommodate over 140,000 panels. EPV Aurinkovoima, a wholly owned subsidiary of EPV Energia, serves as the client for this park.

For a comprehensive list of our references, please visit:

We at Suvic are proud of our expertise and professional skills in energy and industrial construction projects. With years of experience and our commitment to top talent, we provide high-quality services and aim to exceed our customers’ expectations. We invest in customer satisfaction through open communication, and this makes us a reliable partner in the sector.

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Please send invoices preferably by e-invoice. The invoice must include the site number and code number (littera) as a reference. The invoice should be addressed to each site separately.

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