Suvic will be in charge of the earthworks, foundations and internal cabling of the wind farm located in Vaala, Northern Ostrobothnia. The wind farm will be the third largest in Finland, and it will consist of 24 wind turbines. Suvic will start working in Vaala in April 2020, and its part in the project will largely be finished during spring 2021.

Metsälamminkangas wind farm, Vaala, Finland (2021)

Suvic is responsible for the design and construction of the foundations of Finland’s second-highest wind farm. The wind park is located in Simo’s Sarvisuo area in southwestern Lapland. A total of 27 wind turbines will be built in the wind park. For Suvic, work will begin in May 2020 and will be completed by the end of 2020.

Sarvisuo wind farm
Simo, Finland 2020

The project management contract covers nearly all construction work, such as earthworks, foundations and other infrastructure, but it excludes turbine deliveries and installation. The work will start in early summer 2019, and Suvic will complete its part of the project in April 2020.

Kalax wind farm
Närpes, Finland (2020)

A new bio-heating facility will be completed in Kivenlahti, Espoo, by 2020. The facility will be located in the current heating plant area with two existing wood pellet boilers for district heating. We are providing the client with project management services.

Fortum, Kivenlahti bio-heating facility, Espoo, Finland (2020)

We are participating in this 12-turbine wind farm project with a total capacity of 52.5 MW. The project has two sites, one in Långmossa and the other in Ribäcken. We are providing the client with a turnkey infrastructure project including earth construction, foundations, grid, telecommunications network and power station.

OX2, Långmossa-Ribäcken wind farm, Malax, Finland (2019)

We are designing rock anchoring for 53 turbines in Nordex's Hästkullen wind farm. Our engineering work will be complete during the spring of 2019.

Hästkullen wind farm
Nysäter Sweden

We supplied the foundations for one wind turbine in 2017.

Enercon, Koskenkylä, Kokkola, Finland (2017)

We supplied the foundations for one wind turbine in 2017.

Enercon, Korpiranta-Jouttikallio, Lapua, Finland (2017)

Turnkey project of a one-turbine wind farm.

Huikku Tuulivoima Oy, Björnön T4, Kristinestad, Finland (2017)