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Rapid growth

Suvic operates nationwide in Finland. In addition to Finland, the company actively seeks growth opportunities in the Nordic markets, keeping the door open for opportunities elsewhere in Europe as well.
Despite being young, the company has compiled an impressive portfolio of expertise in energy construction: the company has a couple decades’ worth of experience in wind power alone, for example. The company has experience in structural engineering, electrical grids, budgeting, materials and subcontracting, as well as construction business.

Ongoing projects

Storhöjden wind farm in Kramfors, Sweden Storhöjden wind farm in Kramfors, Sweden

Storhöjden wind farm in Kramfors, Sweden

Adalen & HC Wind
Completion: 2025

The park of 22 wind turbines in Kramfors municipality is part of the High Coast project. The BoP is being made with Adalen and HC Wind – SPVs launched by Renewable Power Capital Ltd. (RPC). The work will be carried out by Suvic AB, a wholly owned Swedish subsidiary of Suvic Oy.  The wind farm is expected to be completed and ready to use by the end of 2025. 

Heinineva solar farm Lapua Heinineva solar farm Lapua

Heinineva solar farm Lapua

EPV Aurinkovoima Oy
Completion: 2025

The 102.2 MWp solar farm will be built on a former peat production area of Heinineva in Lapua and will cover a total area of 140 hectares. The contract includes supplying and installation of panels, panel supports, converter stations and inverters. The scope of the contract can be illustrated by the fact that more than 140 000 solar panels will be installed in the park. The subscriber is EPV Aurinkovoima Oy, a wholly owned subsidiary of EPV Energia.

Suvic will start construction work of the park in May 2024 and the estimated completion date is the end of 2025, with the park aiming to go into production in early 2026.

Kirkkonummi data center waste heat power plant Kirkkonummi data center waste heat power plant

Kirkkonummi data center waste heat power plant

Fortum Power and Heat Oy
Completion: 2025

The Working Association Tricon-Suvic is the main contractor of the project and is responsible for construction of the buildings, heat-sink-battery foundations and constructing the pumping station. The principal of the work is Fortum Power and Heat Oy and the waste-heat-to-energy power plant will provide energy to Fortum’s district heating system in Kirkkonummi. The work will commence in autumn 2023 and will continue until the end of 2025.

Sandbacka wind farm Uusikaarlepyy & Vörå Sandbacka wind farm Uusikaarlepyy & Vörå

Sandbacka wind farm Uusikaarlepyy & Vörå

Prime Capital
Completion: 2023-2024

The project involves constructing infrastructure for 14 wind turbines, including the construction of the foundations and the internal grid. Sandbacka wind farm covers an area of approximately 680 hectares. The infrastructure work will be carried out using Suvic’s own land construction equipment.

Viiatti wind farms Viiatti wind farms

Viiatti wind farms

Completion: 2023-2024

Suvic works as the main contractor in the Kalistanneva and Matkussaari wind farms in Kurikka. The projects are separate entities, of which the Kalistanneva wind farm includes 30 power plants and the Matkussaari wind farm 27 power plants. The contracts also include the construction and renovation of hardstands and roads, the entire substation and the cabling of the internal grid. The combined power of the wind farms is 313.5 MW.

Lakari PV solar plant Lakari PV solar plant

Lakari PV solar plant

CPC Finland
Completion: 2023-2024

Suvic is building a 32 MW solar power plant in Lakari, Rauma with the Solar+ concept, the production of which is estimated to be 32,000 MWh per year. The surface area is about 40 hectares and it is estimated to be in production at the beginning of 2024.

Completed projects

Asterholma WTG foundations

Asterholma Vindenergi Ab
Completion: 2023

The site is located in Torsholm, in the municipality of Brändö, in the beautiful archipelago of Åland. The work involved the construction of the foundations for one 2.8 MW wind turbine. The works started in June 2023 and the site was handed over to the client in early August.

Due to the location and terrain of the site, the foundations were built on a rock anchor foundation of 40 rock anchors. This allowed the amount of concrete needed for the foundations to be optimised.

Pjelax-Böle-Kristinestad Norr wind farms

Completion: 2023

Suvic worked as the main contractor in the Pjelax-Böle and Kristinestad Norr wind farms. The contract includes the repair works and construction of roads, the construction of hardstands and 56 foundations. Suvic also includes underground cabling work for the internal grid and transmission line, as well as civil and casting works for the substation. The total power of the park is 380 MW and the annual yield has been calculated to be around 1.1 TWh.

Sarvisuo wind farm Simo

Completion: 2020

Suvic was responsible for the design and construction of the foundations of Finland's second-highest wind farm. The wind park was located in Simo's Sarvisuo area in southwestern Lapland. A total of 27 wind turbines were built in the wind park. For Suvic, work began in May 2020 and was completed by the end of 2020.

Lappfjärd wind farm Kristinestad

CPC Finland
Completion: 2022

Suvic built the foundations and the internal grid. A total of 31 foundations were built in the area, of which up to 29 were done as rock anchor foundations.

Merkkikallio wind farm Vaasa

Completion: 2022

Suvic was in charge of the infrastructure construction of the wind farm, including roads, cabling, and foundations. There are 15 power plants in the area, with a nominal power of 5.5 MW for each power plant, and the wingtip runs at a maximum of 240 meters.

Puutikangas wind farm Sievi

Completion: 2022

Suvic was responsible for the construction of the project's infrastructure, which included the wind farm road, hardstands, foundations, and cabling. Suvic was also responsible for the design of these units. The 8 wind turbines have a total height of 240 m and a total capacity of 44 MW.

Torvenkylä wind farm Kalajoki

Eneriequelle Gmbh
Completion: 2022

For Suvic, the 7 turbine project included the entire infrastructure construction. Unlike in common foundations, over 8-meter concrete elevations were built on top of the foundations to improve the wind farm's electricity production.

Metsälamminkangas wind farm Vaala

Completion: 2021

Suvic was in charge of the earthworks, foundations, and internal cabling of the wind farm located in Vaala, Northern Ostrobothnia. The wind farm was the third largest in Finland, and it consisted of 24 wind turbines. Suvic started working in Vaala in April 2020, and its part in the project was largely finished during spring 2021.

  • OX2

    "Suvic is working with us in building a wind farm that consists of two sites, one in Långmossa and the other in Ribäcken. Suvic’s part of the project includes infrastructure for the wind farm, which will have 12 turbines and a total power of 52.5 MW”

    Suvic is in charge of the entire wind farm’s infrastructure on a turnkey basis, including earthmoving, foundations, the electrical grid, telecommunications network and the substation. It is a large undertaking. We are satisfied with the cooperation model and trust in Suvic’s expertise to get the job done as agreed

    Pasi Tammivaara, Project Manager, OX2
  • Fortum Power and Heat Oy

    Our new bio heat plant in Kivenlahti will be completed by 2020, and it will replace the old coal boiler at Suomenoja. Building the plant is a significant step towards Espoo’s carbon-neutral district heat production. The new heat plant is located in the current plant area in Kivenlahti, which already produces district heat with two wood pellet boilers”

    Suvic is operating with the project management contract model for the project. Together, we are developing a concept from the plant that we could use at other sites as well”

    Olli Heinonen, Project Manager, Fortum Power and Heat Oy

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