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Kirkkonummi data center waste heat power plant

  • Asiakkaan nimi hankkeisiin: Fortum Power and Heat Oy
  • Valmistuminen: 2025
The Working Association Tricon-Suvic is the main contractor of the project and is responsible for construction of the buildings, heat-sink-battery foundations and constructing the pumping station. The principal of the work is Fortum Power and Heat Oy and the waste-heat-to-energy power plant will provide energy to Fortum’s district heating system in Kirkkonummi. The work will commence in autumn 2023 and will continue until the end of 2025.

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Sandbacka wind farm Uusikaarlepyy & Vörå

  • Asiakkaan nimi hankkeisiin: Prime Capital
  • Valmistuminen: 2023-2024
The project involves constructing infrastructure for 14 wind turbines, including the construction of the foundations and the internal grid. Sandbacka wind farm covers an area of approximately 680 hectares. The infrastructure work will be carried out using Suvic’s own land construction equipment.

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Lappfjärd wind farm exansion Kristinestad

  • Asiakkaan nimi hankkeisiin: Prime Capital
  • Valmistuminen: 2023
Suvic will build the foundations and the internal grid for the expansion of the Lappfjärd wind farm. The production capacity of the expansion part is 58 MW, which increases the total capacity of the wind farm to 250 MW. The rocky soil of the area enables the construction of all the foundations of the extension part as rock anchor foundations.

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Isokangas - Palokangas wind farms

  • Asiakkaan nimi hankkeisiin: Exilion Tuuli
  • Valmistuminen: 2023
Suvic will carry out the foundation contract for Isokangas-Palokangas wind farms in Ii. The project includes 17 foundations, of which 16 are implemented as rock anchor foundations and 1 as a gravity foundation. The estimated annual production of the wind farm complex will be around 320,000 MWh.

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Viiatti wind farms

  • Asiakkaan nimi hankkeisiin: Valrea
  • Valmistuminen: 2023-2024
Suvic works as the main contractor in the Kalistanneva and Matkussaari wind farms in Kurikka. The projects are separate entities, of which the Kalistanneva wind farm includes 30 power plants and the Matkussaari wind farm 27 power plants. The contracts also include the construction and renovation of hardstands and roads, the entire substation and the cabling of the internal grid. The combined power of the wind farms is 313.5 MW.

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Lakari PV solar plant

  • Asiakkaan nimi hankkeisiin: CPC Finland
  • Valmistuminen: 2023-2024
Suvic is building a 32 MW solar power plant in Lakari, Rauma with the Solar+ concept, the production of which is estimated to be 32,000 MWh per year. The surface area is about 40 hectares and it is estimated to be in production at the beginning of 2024.

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