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Suvic's Management System is ISO Certified
04 September, 2023

Suvic's Management System is ISO Certified

04 September, 2023

Suvic Oy has once again met the requirements of the international management system standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 as the latest certification period for the organisation started. This certification serves as proof that systematic improvements are continuously being made to our operations. Overall, the certification process, along with its audits, is a vital tool for enhancing the quality of our organization. For our customers, certification by a trusted third party demonstrates that our company's processes align with their requirements. 

"We view the management system not only as a tool for maintaining our current status but, above all, as a means for instigating change and fostering continuous improvement." -Ville Vesanen, CEO, Suvic 

Certificates also signify that a company is going beyond mere compliance with mandatory regulations. At Suvic, we have adopted a holistic approach by integrating quality, environmental, health, and safety concerns into a single unified system. You can find more information about our efforts in occupational safety, for instance, here

External Auditing to Strengthen Our Commitment to Quality 

For ISO management system requirements, the assessment at Suvic was conducted by DNV, one of the world's foremost certification bodies and an accredited certification service provider recognized by the FINAS Accreditation Service. 

The certification period spans three years, during which DNV will audit all aspects of Suvic's operations. DNV conducted the most recent periodic audit in August 2023. 

The audit report highlights weaknesses, strengths and areas for further improvement. The audit structures the necessary actions into an action plan that focuses on the essentials and whose implementation can be monitored. The development plan will allow changes to be tackled effectively. 

Internal Audits Provide Insights into Our Operational Excellence

At Suvic, we aspire to conduct audits at each site at least once during its operational period. In Suvic's case, most sites typically operate for one to two years at most. Our company's office is also subject to periodic audits within a three-year cycle. 

Internal audits are like an in-house fitness check for the company, allowing good practices to be disseminated. They aid in planning activities and engaging staff in improvement efforts. By targeting daily activities that are familiar to everyone involved in the discussions, audits cease to be a mere compulsory routine and become an integral part of our staff's everyday life, fostering participation and self-assessment. This process also facilitates effective communication between auditors and respondents, sharing best practices, reflecting on the feasibility of objectives, and questioning existing practices. 

Internal audits, as a method for development and risk management, are perhaps one of the most demanding aspects of a management system. The smooth execution of internal audits hinges on predefined plans, and Suvic has also invested in the training of internal auditors. The focus of these audits is on matters relevant to the organization's stakeholders, jointly identifying areas for improvement, while equally highlighting the strengths reported by auditors. 

At Suvic, internal audits encompass both process audits and HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) audits. Process audits assess how well the required processes are followed on the respective site and whether the site operates in line with Suvic's company-wide and site-specific guidelines. HSE audits evaluate the site's capacity to meet the various stakeholders' demands concerning health, safety, and the environment. These requirements and stakeholders include legal regulations, standards, customer contract conditions, municipal environmental protection requirements etc. 

Internal audits also extend to key suppliers and subcontractors, encompassing not just on-site activities but also evaluations of the supplier's factory, products, or information systems. Suvic conducts FAT testing for suppliers, such as major components. FAT, also known as Factory Acceptance Testing, is carried out by visiting the supplier's premises or factory to ensure that the equipment complies with the specifications agreed upon in the contract. 

"Certification and its accompanying audits are integral components of a rigorous process that provides invaluable insights for our company. Internal audits serve as a crucial gauge of our organization's maturity and the effectiveness of our operating system. External audits, whether conducted by DNV or our customers, enable us to benchmark our performance against other companies." -Eetu Pajala, HSEQ Manager, Suvic 

Briefly about ISO standards  

ISO 9001:2015 is a management system for quality management and quality assurance. It provides standard requirements for an organisation to meet customer needs and expectations and to achieve satisfaction in product delivery.  

ISO 14001:2015 is the primary standard for environmental management, comprising elements necessary for an effective environmental management system. It also supports sustainable development in terms of ecological and economic objectives. 

ISO 45001:2018 is an internationally recognized framework for health and safety management, with the goal of enhancing worker health and safety, reducing workplace risks, and creating healthier, safer working conditions. 

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