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Solar+ is the all-in-one solution for solar farms
19 March, 2024

Solar+ is the all-in-one solution for solar farms

19 March, 2024

Suvic has developed a turnkey concept for solar power that has attracted a lot of interest in the energy construction sector, and the first Solar+ parks are already under construction. Company’s EPC contract model includes project and site organisation, infrastructure and electrical engineering, equipment installation, medium voltage, low voltage and DC cable networks and infrastructure works. In addition, the project implementation includes Park Controller Scada for monitoring and reporting on the production of the solar power plant. Suvic will also provide the design and implementation of the necessary substation on the same turnkey basis as the solar farm itself. 

Benefits of the Solar+ concept for the customer  

Suvic set out to develop the Solar+ concept to offer customers a convenient procurement model for the construction of solar power plants, with clear content and price. The customer benefits from the Solar+ concept in terms of time and money, as all project activities are carried out by a single integrated contractor. Suvic specialises in the construction of large ground-mounted solar power plants under engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contracts. Suvic also employs local partners during the construction phase and draws on local knowledge and expertise to ensure that projects are seamlessly integrated into the local community.  

One of the key strengths of the model is Suvic's proactive approach to risk management and effective project management. "Our holistic approach covers the entire project lifecycle from planning to implementation and from deforestation to commissioning, ensuring a seamless flow of information and an efficient process for our customers," says Jari Koppelo, Business Director for Solar Power at Suvic. 

Customizable for power plants of different sizes

Suvic's Solar+ concept is based on pre-designed 4–8 MW Power Block units, composed of the best components and equipment on the market. The scalability of the park is simple and straightforward by increasing or decreasing the number of units. Not only the number of panels, but also the scope of the Solar+ solution can be tailored to the customer's wishes and needs. 

For example, the scope of a Solar+ EPC contract can cover the following aspects of a project:  

  • project and site management  
  • civil, construction, and electrical engineering  
  • Installation and commissioning of all solar farm equipment (mounting structures, solar panels, inverters, etc.) 
  • transformer stations and connection to the substation
  • medium-voltage, low-voltage, and DC grids
  • all electrical works
  • civil and construction works, incl. foundations
  • Park Controller Scada for monitoring and controlling the solar farm
  • optional HV/MV substation construction
  • optional operation and maintenance services 

High-quality components ensure efficient production

For Suvic, it is important that solar power plants are built with high-quality, sustainable components and equipment that are produced in a responsible manner. "We have built direct relationships with the best suppliers in the industry, allowing us to eliminate cost-increasing middlemen from the supply chain," says Koppelo. Through Suvic's existing supply channels, components and equipment can also be tailored to the customer's wishes.  

"We currently order panels from Chinese partners who supply many of the major players in the industry in Europe, and whose production facilities we have personally audited on site," says Koppelo. Each panel that arrives at Suvic's site is carefully inspected at the factory, including performance testing, and only the top-grade panels continue their journey to be used on the sites. "Despite the high quality of production, each panel coming off the line is unique. Even small variations in the performance of a new panel make a big difference over the lifetime of the panel," Koppelo continues.   

An industrial-size solar farm involves hundreds of kilometres of cable, so finding the right product for each need is an important choice. The cable for Suvic is currently supplied by European factories. "When it comes to cable procurement, we can also take advantage of the network of partners we have built up over the years in the energy construction sector – even though wind farms and solar farms are very different projects," says Koppelo. 

The first Suvic Solar+ solar power farms are already under construction

Suvic's first Solar+ project is the Lakari solar park near Rauma. The solar power plant area covers an area of about 40 hectares and close to 58 000 panels have been installed. The park has a total capacity of 32 MW. When completed in spring 2024, the park will be the largest solar power plant in production in Finland. The client for the project is CPC Finland. 

At the beginning of 2024, the Heinineva site in Lapua was launched. This is a 102.2 MWp giant project located on a former peat production area. In total, more than 140 000 panels will be installed on 140 hectares of land. The client for the park is EPV Solar Power, a wholly owned subsidiary of EPV Energia.  

Although Solar+ is a relatively new concept for solar farms, Suvic already has a solid understanding of industrial-scale solar parks, along with other energy construction experience. Koppelo says that building in different environments is a particular strength of Suvic: "We have accumulated knowledge of how to build solar farms in a wide range of challenging soil conditions, and this expertise sets us apart from our competitors today. We are able to help clients avoid pitfalls at the design stage." 

Suvic is familiar to many as a wind farm builder, although the company is a versatile renewable energy contractor. "We've certainly been a prominent player in wind power, but we've also been building bioenergy and waste heat recovery before, so focusing on solar is the next step to take," Koppelo says, adding that Suvic's goal is to be a major Nordic solar farm contractor: "Tenders are currently increasingly focused on solar power construction, and we are actively competing for the largest solar power projects in Finland, Sweden and Norway. " 

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