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31 January, 2022

7 power plants will be built in the Torvenkylä wind farm

31 January, 2022
Suvic has started building the infrastructure, foundations, and elevations for 7 power plants at the Torvenkylä wind farm.

The Torvenkylä wind farm will be built in Himanka, Kalajoki. In total 7 power plants will be built to the wind farm, with a total capacity of about 40 MW. The client of the project is Energiequelle GmbH.

For Suvic, the project includes the entire infrastructure construction, ie the reinforcing of the existing roads and the construction of new roads, the cabling of the internal grid and the transfer line, the hardstands, and the foundations. Unlike usual foundations, over 8-meter concrete elevations will be built on top of the foundations to improve the wind farm's electricity production.

During the summer and autumn, together with the customer and the power plant supplier, we have been looking for a solution that will get the power plants as high as possible within the permit height. With the concrete structure solution, we have planned, we can increase the hub height of the park, which is otherwise implemented with a steel tower. This will improve the power generation of the power plants”, says designer Jaakko Norrkniivilä.

The site was be mobilized in November 2021 and the work will be completed for Suvic in June 2022.

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