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21 December, 2021

Suvic is building the foundations and internal grid for the Lappfjärd wind farm

21 December, 2021
Lappfjärd Wind Farm is located in Kristiinankaupunki in Ostrobothnia.

Suvic has started construction of the foundation and internal grid works for the Lappfjärd wind farm in October 2021. The client in the project is CPC Finland, with whom the foundation and internal grid project has also been implemented before.

A total of 31 foundations will be built in the area, of which up to 29 can be done as rock anchor foundations. Converting gravity foundations to rock anchor foundations will save a total of more than 1.6 million kilograms of reinforcement steel and 10,000 cubic meters of concrete in these 29 foundations.

"We have previously constructed Lakiakangas 3 wind farm with CPC, and continuing with this project is great", says Ville Vesanen, CEO.


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Suvic Oy, established in 2017, is a development company specialising in the construction of energy solutions, in particular wind farm projects and project management. Suvic also offers contracting for the energy and industrial construction sector. Suvic brings new, innovative practices to the field of energy construction through design, development and project management. The company’s current projects include OX2 Puutikankangas wind farm (Sievi), Merkkikallio wind farm (Vaasa), wpd Finland Karhunnevankangas wind farm (Pyhäjoki), Nuolivaara wind farm (Kemijärvi), Foresight Group Puskakorpi wind farm (Pyhäjoki) and CPC Finland Lappfjärd wind farm (Kristiinankaupunki).

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