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05 October, 2021

Olli Varis has been hired as a foreman for Suvic

05 October, 2021

Olli Varis, a civil engineering engineer and a future M.Sc. in industrial engineering an management, has been hired as a foreman for Suvic. Olli has started in May 2021 at the Puutikankangas wind farm as a foreman for foundation work. Olli has previous experience in apartment building and business premises construction, after which it has been nice to continue with the foundations of wind turbines.

Olli ended up with Suvic through a recruitment company, even though the company was still unknown for him at the time. Discussions through LinkedIn inspired him to apply for a job. “The reception has been good and the work has met expectations. The mood and way of work is fresh and the business idea and values I read on the website correspond well to doing well,” says Olli and continues: “Building is fun”!

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