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100% recommend Suvic as an employer
13 February, 2024

100% recommend Suvic as an employer

13 February, 2024

At the end of 2023, Suvic conducted an employee satisfaction survey, the responses to which indicate that the company employs quite satisfied professionals. The positive atmosphere is certainly evident in the office and on the work sites, but the survey also confirms this feeling. 

To the question 'Would you recommend Suvic Oy as an employer?' a resounding 'Yes' was answered by a staggering 100% of respondents! 

Would you recommend Suvic Oy as an employer?  
Yes 100%
No 0%

The majority of respondents, in turn, evaluated the team's work atmosphere as successful.

The atmosphere within my team is successful  
Strongly agree 44%
Somewhat agree 50 %
Somewhat disagree 6%
Strongly disagree 0%

The survey results had improved somewhat compared to 2022, with one highlight being the experience of workplace safety, which was perceived to be even better.

Work safety is achieved within our team  
Excellent 58%
Good 39%
Room for improvement 3%
Poor 0%

Naturally, the extensive survey also highlighted areas for improvement. 'Although employees are evidently satisfied and enjoy working here, the survey also provided good open responses, where the identified areas for improvement will be addressed during the coming year,' assures Janne Räisänen, COO at Suvic 

What makes good job satisfaction? 

The core of job satisfaction lies within the work itself and everyday life. It's a combination formed by the meaningfulness of the work, health, safety, and well-being. Job satisfaction is built together, and its development is the responsibility of both the employer and the employees. Factors contributing to job satisfaction include good and motivating leadership, a pleasant atmosphere within the work community, maintenance and development of employees' professional skills, work safety, as well as good and appropriate tools. 'We also measure these different areas as separate entities in our survey,' Räisänen explains. 

Suvic pays considerable attention to maintaining well-being at work, as increasing personal well-being leads to increased productivity and commitment to work, while preventing accidents and sick leave. Employees have a significant responsibility for maintaining their own work capacity, but Suvic as a company aims to support successful recovery from work in various ways. You can read more about this here:  

How the survey was conducted

The survey was conducted for the third time. It was carried out by sending an anonymous response link to all employees. The response rate for the 2023 survey was 71%.

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