New brand for Suvic

Suvic Oy reformed its brand at the turn of 2018–19. The new brand streamlined the company’s customer service promise and redefined its visual image. Branding was carried out in cooperation with Brandstein.

Our brand showcases that we work with passion and the colours reflect the shades of a drying concrete mould.

“We selected Brandstein after careful consideration, and were quickly able to see eye to eye on what we want our brand to communicate. The process was also a positive challenge for us as it allowed us to view our work from an outsider’s point of view,” says Suvic’s CEO Juha Tikkakoski.

Brand Designer Tuomas Mujunen of Brandstein also enjoyed the cooperation: “Enthusiastic owners who share the same vision were at the heart of Suvic’s branding. Their trust in their expertise was an excellent foundation from which to clarify and modernise Suvic’s brand. During our workshops, the company’s brand was crystallised in the slogan ‘Developing Energy for the Future’, which is also a part of the company’s new logo.”