Melina Palosaari has been hired by Suvic as a project engineer

Melina Palosaari, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in construction site management, was hired by Suvic in the spring as a project engineer. Before Suvic, Melina had experience in the construction industry in terms of housebuilding. She ended up applying for the job through a former classmate from the university of applied sciences who also works at Suvic. Melina says the best part has been working on new things and challenging herself in a new field.

Melina works mainly in the Oulu office and says that at the beginning it was interesting to start a new job, when the office was quiet, most of them were telecommuting. Later in the summer, it was nice to finally get to meet face-to-face co-workers. He also says the work atmosphere has been good. In the future, Melina wants to learn more, develop in her work and, advance in her career.