Jukka Kallio was hired by Suvic as technical director

In the summer of 2021, Jukka Kallio, M.Sc. (Eng.) in construction, was hired by Suvic as Technical Director. Before joining Suvic, Jukka has experience in design work, teaching and, unit management. He also has plenty of experience in wind power construction. It had been agreed with CEO Ville a few years earlier that if or when the change of company became timely, Jukka would transfer to Suvic.

According to Jukka, the customers see Suvic as a professional company where things are done on time and as agreed. Time wasted by debating minor issues and efforts are done to keep developing. As an important point, he brings listening to the client without an arrogant attitude and the ability to really listen and discuss things together to achieve the best result.

Jukka describes the work atmosphere as excellent, especially when he works alone in the Pori office. One can work in peace. He plans to be the first employee to retire from Suvic. “Rock rock,” says Jukka at the end of the interview.