Introducing business director Jari Koppelo

Electrical engineer Jari Koppelo started working for Suvic in the spring of 2022 and works as business director. Jari does sales and procurement work and participates in the calculation of projects. In addition to these, Jari has also taken over Suvic’s solar power department. Jari has done international work for a long time and thanks to them went on business trips all over the world. Before Suvic, Jari has done international sales work in Asia, worked as a business director in Finland, Estonia, and India, was a CEO, and also founded his own companies.

Jari ended up at Suvic on the recommendation of a friend who works in the wind power industry, who suggested that Suvic might have jobs available. Jari describes the work atmosphere as enthusiastic, youthful, growing, and developing. Jari also feels that Suvic is a significant player in the Finnish wind power market, knows how to learn something from each project, and improves operating methods for the future with effective communication. In his plans for the future, Jari wants to be involved in making Suvic the largest renewable energy contractor in Finland and, above all, of course, to remain handsome!

“Jari is not a shy boy, just be brave and come for a chat, and there will be plenty of stories!” says Jari at the end of the interview.