Deve­­lop­­ing ener­gy for the fu­tu­­re

Suvic Oy is a development company specialising in the construction of energy solutions, in particular wind farm projects and project management. It also offers contracting for the energy and industrial constr­uction sector, and services including consulting, engineering and budgeting of development projects.


We bring new and innovative practices to energy construction by means of engineering, construction and project management. We provide our clients with transparent services and sensible solutions for each project and site. We have years of experience ranging from major international projects to small-scale domestic undertakings. Whether you need an all-inclusive turnkey programme or a smaller sub-project, we are at your service!

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Suvic has started building infrastructure for the Puskakorpi wind farm in Pyhäjoki

July 20, 2021

Infrastructure work for the Puskakorpi wind farm began in May.

Suvic is in charge of the infrastructure and foundation work of the Merkkikallio wind farm

June 15, 2021

Construction work on the Merkkikallio wind farm began in May.

Temperature as a challenge

April 28, 2021

Over the past year, we have once again seen all sorts of extreme conditions from hot weather to storm and […]


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