Finnish Suvic Oy to build a wind farm for OX2

The wind farm will be the largest fully privately-funded wind farm in the Nordic countries. Building work will start at the end of November 2018, and the project is scheduled to be completed in autumn 2019.

Suvic Oy’s part of the project consists of a wind farm of 12 turbines, with a total capacity of 52.5 MW. The wind farm is located on two sites, one in Långmossa and one in Ribäcken. The contractor is a major Swedish operator, OX2, the Nordic market leader in onshore wind power projects.

Suvic is responsible for all the infrastructure of the wind farm, including the earth construction, foundations, grid, telecommunications network and power station, as a turnkey project. The contract is, therefore, a large-scale project, something which a growth company appreciates. “We thank OX2 for their trust and the opportunity they have given to us to prove ourselves and our expertise. This is a very important milestone in the growth story of our young company. We have worked determinedly towards this point for the last 18 months, but our goal will still be to continue growing as a company,” says Suvic Oy’s CEO Juha Tikkakoski.

Suvic’s innovative anchoring system decreases CO2 emissions

One of the characteristics of the project is that it will utilise an innovative anchoring system developed by Suvic Oy. As the structures will be firmly anchored onto rock, the amount of concrete needed for the foundation decreases significantly. The decreased need for concrete, together with the reduced need for heavy-duty vehicle transport on-site, is a particularly efficient way to minimise CO2 emissions. CEO Juha Tikkakoski of Suvic Oy is happy that their new solution can be utilised: “One of the goals of our end client is to boost development towards a carbon-neutral society. Suvic Oy’s anchoring system, as part of the wind farm project, promotes that goal in an excellent manner.”


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