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Pietari's Employee Story: Directly from the School Bench to Suvic 
22 January, 2024

Pietari's Employee Story: Directly from the School Bench to Suvic 

22 January, 2024

Pietari Savonjousi joined the ranks of Suvic in the spring of 2020. Now, after seven construction sites and over 130 built wind turbine foundations, Pietari reflects on his enjoyable four years on the road. He praises Suvic's work community as innovative and energetic: "Here, we dare to try new things and don't get stuck in old routines!" 

Increasing Responsibilities with Growing Expertise 

Pietari came to Suvic straight from the school bench: "After high school, I went to study civil engineering in Lappeenranta. During my studies, I had the opportunity to work in a few places, and on the very day of my graduation, I started as a site manager at Suvic." 

Upon joining Suvic, Pietari's initial tasks included working as a site manager for rebar and overseeing foundation construction. "My first site was Paskoonharju wind farm, where we built 21 wind turbine foundations," Pietari recalls. Having worked on several wind power sites since then, Pietari is currently involved in the Lakari solar park near Rauma, covering an area of about 40 hectares. In Lakari, Pietari, as a responsible site manager, has overseen up to 250 employees. He notes that the site has a great team: "Young people and a couple of older colleagues. We have a good team spirit, working together seamlessly." 

Contributing to the Green Transition 

The energy sector is undergoing a transformation, evident on construction sites as Suvic proudly contributes to building renewable energy. The organization continuously seeks to improve construction processes and work methods, aiming to reduce emissions through innovation and development. 

Pietari ended up at Suvic originally because wind park construction intrigued him more than traditional construction. The work has remained lively, offering constant exposure to new experiences: "It's nice to be part of the green transition. The energy sector evolves, with something new every year. There are changes in wind turbine foundation types, and we are building solar parks alongside wind power projects." 

As a responsible site manager, Pietari's current responsibilities include scheduling, planning work stages, and monitoring progress. "And there are also contractor meetings, site rounds, and conducting my own inspections," adds Pietari. He mentions that the level of responsibility has grown "tremendously" over the years: "But I've enjoyed it." Pietari emphasizes that trusting colleagues is key to making one's own work easier: "We aim to plan tasks together, and challenges are solved as a team. Often, plans are updated during project construction, and it's important to keep everyone informed about progress." 

Learning Never Stops 

Pietari notes that he learned the most about work and collaborative efforts with people after school and studies: "There's no shortcut to success; you just have to boldly go see how something is done. By observing others and doing it yourself, you learn best!" Given that work in the energy construction sector is project-based, and colleagues change from one site to another, information and best practices are shared across projects. Pietari mentions that getting used to new colleagues and acquainting oneself with new people always takes time at the beginning of a project, but the change in dynamics is refreshing. "Working is always a bit different with a new team. You learn to pick up good methods and blend new ways of doing things with the old." 

While Pietari's experience in site management has mainly focused on reinforcing and foundations, with his latest involvement being in solar power construction, he has the desire to progress even further in the future – perhaps taking on roles at the project and management levels: "I want to expand my knowledge to the next level regarding production management and handle projects more comprehensively." 

Regarding areas of personal development, Pietari mentions sharpening Excel skills, attending courses that explore the future of the industry, and continuous maintenance and improvement of skills. "Of course, safety matters require constant training," he points out. As a site manager, Pietari is responsible for ensuring that everyone on the site handles work and safety-related matters. "Every year, new regulations and guidelines come in, which need to be implemented on the site and communicated to the entire team. That's why you always have to learn them first." 

According to Pietari, onboarding has been consciously improved during his time at Suvic: "I can recommend the current employer from that perspective. Every newcomer to the site is well onboarded, and we have, for example, a second, experienced site manager guiding and mentoring work manager trainees." 


Name: Pietari Savonjousi 
Started at Suvic: May 2020 
Title: Responsible Site Manager  
Education: Engineer 

Elektroniikkatie 4
90590 Oulu, Finland
+358 20 741 8840


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