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Monika's Employee Story: A Journey Across Borders and Industries
09 July, 2024

Monika's Employee Story: A Journey Across Borders and Industries

09 July, 2024

Monika Cwiek has been an HR Specialist at Suvic’s headquarters in Oulu, Finland for a few months, but her journey to this role started much earlier, spanning across two decades and multiple industries. “It feels like I began working here 20 years ago,” she laughs, reflecting on her extensive career path. Originating from Poland, Monika brings experience and a diverse skill set to her role at Suvic, where she recruits employees internationally, manages the hiring process, and provides HR support and administration. 

A Community of Support and Shared Goals

Monika can be considered to be one of the company's first international hires – and now she is helping the company to recruit international talent at an accelerating pace. “The most important power of Suvic is the people,” Monika asserts. From her first days at Suvic, she has felt immense support from her colleagues and a collective drive to achieve shared goals. This sense of community has made her feel like an integral part of the team, where her contributions are valued, and her voice is heard. Monika says that she is grateful for the opportunity to reciprocate by sharing her knowledge and experience, helping to build a strong and cohesive team. 

A Diverse Professional Background is an advantage

Monika’s professional journey is a testament to her flexibility and resilience. She started in the events industry, moved through sales in the packaging industry, and even ventured into the music industry before finding her niche in HR within the construction sector. This diverse background has equipped her with the ability to handle complex situations with in-depth analysis and effective problem-solving skills: “All this allows me to look at my work not only through the prism of the HR department but with the knowledge that the company is a system of inner connected vessels and works based on symbiosis and synergy.” 

High Work Culture and Equal Opportunities

Suvic stands out to Monika for its openness to new ideas, commitment to employee well-being, and healthy work culture. She appreciates how the company safeguards the dignity and equality of all employees, fostering a friendly and respectful environment. “The company is growing a lot, expanding its horizons,” Monika notes. She is proud to be part of an organization where the pursuit of goals does not come at the expense of ethical standards, but by maintaining high values and ethics, reaching beyond laws and norms, while consistently taking care of its employees. 

Embracing Change

Monika is a firm believer in the inevitability of change and the importance of being prepared for whatever comes next. She continually seeks to improve her qualifications, learn new languages, and acquire new skills. “My wish is that my professional future will be full of surprising and challenging situations as they make me stronger,” she says. Her proactive approach to personal and professional development ensures that she remains adaptable and ready to face new challenges, which is particularly valuable in a company that is growing and exploring new service areas and markets. The company's growth and development inevitably open new possibilities for employees. “I personally can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring,” Monika concludes. 


Name: Monika Cwiek  
Started at Suvic: February 2024 
Title: HR Specialist 
Education: Master of Foreign Trade and World Economy, European Integration 

Elektroniikkatie 4
90590 Oulu, Finland
+358 20 741 8840


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