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Himmi's employee story: five years on the path to freedom and growth
03 June, 2024

Himmi's employee story: five years on the path to freedom and growth

03 June, 2024

Himmi Korhonen works as a project engineer at Suvic's Tampere remote office. She is one of the company's longest-serving employees, as Himmi will have been with Suvic for five years in spring 2024. "Here, I have the freedom to do my work as I see fit, and the tools are always top-notch." 

An unknown small company

"First of all, five years sounds longer than it has felt," Himmi laughs. She says that joining Suvic in early summer 2019 was partly a coincidence and good luck. Himmi had already been working in the wind energy sector after graduation, and while looking for a new job, she spotted a new advertisement. "It just so happened that it was the last day to apply, so I immediately called Suvic to see if I could still apply," Himmi says. Permission for an extension was granted, and the application led not only to an interview but also to starting a new job. "I was not familiar with the company at all, but during the interview, the management seemed like nice guys, and I already had some experience of working on wind construction sites, so I started as an HSEQ engineer," she says. 

It pays to speak up

After spending a couple of years working on site, the time spent behind the wheel started to feel long. It was a good opportunity to consider other roles within the company. As the project managers at the time seemed to have their hands full, Himmi took the initiative to suggest offering some assistance in the office, which they readily accepted. "I completed the site at the time, then moved on to helping the sites by doing more or less the same paperwork remotely as before: documentation, reporting, RAMS files, and translation," says Himmi, delighted at the in-house opportunity for a change in job description. She also thanks her employer for the fact that, in addition to the role change, the remote office, ergonomics, and good tools in Hervanta were easily arranged. 

A culture that simply works

When Himmi joined Suvic, it was a small company with around 10 employees. She remembers how, in the very beginning, hours were recorded in Excel: "There have been quite a few more systems since then, as the number of employees has multiplied over the years." Although the organisation has grown and matured, the basic idea behind the company culture has not changed. According to Himmi, Suvic has successfully fostered a spirit where anyone can call anyone. "We don't have to jump over hierarchical fences or do circus tricks to get someone on the line, but managers can and should be approached if needed," Himmi emphasises. 

According to Himmi, people at Suvic are generally talkative, young ("or youthful"), humorous, and curious. She would probably not recommend Suvic as a place to work for someone who is stuck in a rut and prefers a rigid framework, as the industry is constantly changing. However, you can fit in as you are, and new people are always well received in the team: "I particularly enjoy tutoring new employees, as it is gratifying to collaborate with incoming project engineers on their initial tasks to ensure they understand the projects."  

Well-being at work is a priority

Suvic takes a multi-faceted approach to looking after its employees and their well-being. Himmi highlights the comprehensive occupational health insurance, which offers extensive occupational health services and provides cover for injuries and accidents during leisure time: "I sincerely appreciate that this benefit has been maintained, although the model must certainly be expensive for a growing organisation." 

As another exceptionally good benefit, Himmi points out the model used at Suvic Oy, where travel time is usually considered either working time or flexitime, depending slightly on the job, even though travel time is not in principle working time according to the Working Hours Act. "The difference with the statutory model, where working time is personal time, is significant. We keep the total working time reasonable, and the recovery is also different for people who drive a lot between different sites and who accumulate a lot of travel days in a year," Himmi sums up. 


Name: Himmi Korhonen  
Started at Suvic: May 2019  
Title: Project Engineer  
Education: Engineer (Energy Technology) 

Elektroniikkatie 4
90590 Oulu, Finland
+358 20 741 8840


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