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Antti's employee story: the multidimensional world of measuring

Antti Hiltunen is Suvic's Senior Survey Manager, who joined the team in spring 2022. He applied for a job at Suvic as he was attracted by a good working community with familiar and like-minded people. The best thing about the job for Antti is the variety and the new challenges to be solved.   Surveying indoors and outdoors  Antti was inspired to apply to study surveying as an apprentice ten years ago: "My first professional training was as a wilderness guide, and it sounded like the job description of a surveyor would offer a suitable balance of outdoor and technical aspects." After school,...

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Pietari's Employee Story: Directly from the School Bench to Suvic 

Pietari Savonjousi joined the ranks of Suvic in the spring of 2020. Now, after seven construction sites and over 130 built wind turbine foundations, Pietari reflects on his enjoyable four years on the road. He praises Suvic's work community as innovative and energetic: "Here, we dare to try new things and don't get stuck in old routines!"  Increasing Responsibilities with Growing Expertise  Pietari came to Suvic straight from the school bench: "After high school, I went to study civil engineering in Lappeenranta. During my studies, I had the opportunity to work in a few places, and on the...

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Laura's Employee Story: Five Years as a Suvic Team Member

Laura Heikkinen is one of Suvic's longest-serving employees and has practically witnessed the company's growth from a mere business registration to becoming a €94 million turnover energy construction company. During her five years at Suvic, she has worked in various roles. Her career progression has been influenced by the skills required at different times within the company, along with her personal interest in learning and her courage to take on responsibilities. The Pull to Construction Laura, who holds an education in structural engineering, currently serves as a site manager, but her resume...

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A Whole Summer at Suvic – Summer Trainees' Experiences on Site

In the summer of 2023, two summer trainees, Peppi Penttilä and Matti Martin, worked at Suvic's construction site in Ii, Finland. Their task involved constructing two parks: Isokangas and Palokangas, with Suvic responsible for the foundation work. This project encompassed 17 foundations, of which 16 were rock anchor foundations and one was a gravity foundation. The summer trainees began their work in early May and returned to their studies at the end of August. The construction site provided both with an excellent opportunity to observe the construction of wind power foundations from start to...

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