Project management services

Our project management services ensure that your project is under our control from start to finish. We inform our clients of the real costs of the project. All our expertise is at our client’s disposal, and we offer the best possible solution for each situation. Our engineers work in close cooperation with the client. This overall package makes us a competitive partner both in terms of quality and price.

Project management assignments are carried out in two stages in cooperation with the client: the development stage and the implementation stage. Budgeting takes place at the early stages of the project. This is also the time to define the target price of the project.

We apply the open-book method to our project management assignments. This exceptional and transparent method means that we provide our clients with information on actual costs together with the budgeted costs. We believe that transparency benefits us and the client alike. The model helps to shed light on the somewhat erroneous views of the market, that is, how much everything will cost. The real-time monitoring of costs is also a wonderful opportunity for us to challenge ourselves and perform even better than what we have budgeted for.

Thanks to our expertise, we are able to integrate all the small pieces of a project together seamlessly. In addition, we are able to take care of some of the responsibilities that traditionally fall on the client. This will decrease the burden of the client’s organisation and is, from their viewpoint, a cost-efficient solution. We consider possible challenges at the early stages of the project and include them in our budget so that there are no unpleasant surprises for the client as the project progresses. We believe that the budget must be feasible yet challenging. We challenge ourselves in every project in order to create an even more efficient Suvic. This makes us a true champion in project management.

Project Management Services

  • HSE coordination
  • Subcontract tendering
  • Engineering management
  • Ensuring cost efficiency and high quality by
  • examining alternative solutions
  • Main contractor’s tasks, including site management
  • Streamlining the client’s separate purchases