Suvic is a development company specialising in the construction of energy solutions. Suvic brings new and innovative practices to energy construction by means of engineering, construction and project management. We offer contract services for the energy and industrial construction sectors. Our services also include consulting, engineering and budgeting. We provide our clients with transparent services and sensible solutions for each project and site.

Our skills portfolio displays an impressive range of expertise in the field of energy construction. We have experience in structural engineering, power distribution networks, budgeting, material purchasing, subcontracting and development.

We stand out from the competition first and foremost thanks to our expertise and transparency. We are your one-stop partner for project management, engineering and contract work. We take responsibility for our entire process. Thanks to this, you can be confident that information is efficiently communicated between various project stages, and that the common direction and goals will be clear for everyone throughout entire process. We believe that this is an integral part of streamlining work and operations in every project and a cornerstone for better project management, cost efficiency and transparency – and faster completion of the project. We offer both development project management and turnkey project services – please read more about our services below.