Construction work of Fortum’s new Kivenlahti bio-heating plant completed in early February

Suvic’s work on Fortum’s new Kivenlahti bio-heating plant will be completed in early February 2020. Suvic has worked as a project management contractor and main contractor for the project.

The site was launched with preparatory work in November 2018. Essential work begun in January 2019, when the exceptionally heavy snow was a challenge. “Even though the scheduled start date was delayed by two months, we were able to start installing the equipment according to the original schedule. This was made possible not only by our project management contract model, but also by the people who worked on site”, applauds Janne Räisänen, Suvic’s construction manager at Kivenlahti.

The highest number of employees at the construction site was in autumn 2019, when the site employed 140 people daily. Construction in the area has been influenced by the fact that there are already two existing wood pellet boilers for district heating on the plot. Therefore, traffic management and safety have been a central part of the site management.

The site is now preparing for the initialization and adjustment phase. The new bio-heating plant will start to produce heat commercially in the summer 2020.