Developing energy for the future

Suvic Oy, established in Oulu, Finland, in 2017, is a development company specialising in the construction of energy solutions, in particular wind farm projects and project management. It also offers contracting for the energy and industrial construction sector. Our services also include engineering and budgeting.


We stand out from the competition first and foremost thanks to our expertise and transparency. We are your one-stop partner for project management, engineering and contract work. We take responsibility for our entire process. Thanks to this, you can be confident that information is efficiently communicated between various project stages, and that the common direction and goals will be clear for everyone throughout the entire process. We believe that this is an integral part of streamlining work and operations in every project and a cornerstone for a better project management, cost efficiency and transparency – and faster completion of the project.

In-house engineering for the benefit of the client

We carry out structural engineering in-house, as a seamless part of our projects. Our special expertise is founded on education, experience and visionary innovations. We can design and provide site-specific foundation solutions, for example. In wind farm projects, this means that we offer several tested alternatives instead of one compromise solution whenever this will reduce our customer’s costs and allow for a less risky solution.

We believe that good engineering and close cooperation with the client are key to preventing unforeseen costs at the later stages of the project. We want to solve our client’s problems before they occur – which is an excellent reason to trust us!

Good customer service and doing things in a sensible way have been our leading ideas from the start. We genuinely try to find the best possible solution for each client in each situation.”
Ville Vesanen,

Although Suvic is a developer, continuous research and development are paramount to us. Our innovative anchoring system serves as an example of our pioneering R&D. Thanks to this system, structures can be firmly anchored onto rock, which significantly decreases the amount of concrete needed for the foundation and the need for heavy-duty vehicle transport on-site – a particularly efficient way to minimise CO2 emissions.

One of the goals of our end client is to boost development towards a carbon-neutral society. Suvic Oy’s anchoring system, as a part of the wind farm project, promotes that goal in an excellent manner.”
Jaakko Norrkniivilä,
Design Manager

Open book for transparency

We apply the open-book method to our project management assignments. This exceptional and transparent method means that we provide our clients with information on actual costs together with the budgeted costs. We believe that transparency benefits us and the client alike. The model helps to shed light on the somewhat erroneous views of the market, that is, how much everything will cost. The real-time monitoring of costs is also a wonderful opportunity for us to challenge ourselves and perform even better than what we have budgeted for.

Overall project management for saving costs

Be it a turnkey project or a project management assignment, your project is under our control from start to finish. We inform our clients of the real costs of the project. All our expertise is at our client’s disposal, and we offer the best possible solution for each situation. This overall package makes us a competitive partner both in terms of quality and price.

We feel that a model in which we, as the creator of the budget, are also responsible for its actualisation is the best solution for the client. It ensures that costs are controlled and it avoids unforeseen costs.”
Janne Räisänen,
Production Director

Thanks to our expertise, we are able to integrate all the small pieces of a project together seamlessly. In addition, we are able to take care of some of the responsibilities that traditionally fall on the client. This will decrease the burden of the client’s organisation and is, from their viewpoint, a cost-efficient solution. We consider possible challenges at the early stages of the project and include them in our budget so that there are no unpleasant surprises for the client as the project progresses. We believe that the budget must be feasible yet challenging. We challenge ourselves in every project in order to create an even more efficient Suvic. This makes us a true champion in project management.


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