All foundations have been cast in Viiatti’s Kalistanneva and Matkussaari wind farms

Suvic works as the main contractor in the Kalistanneva and Matkussaari wind farms, which are in Kurikka, South Ostrobothnia. French Valrea is the developer of both wind farms.

The projects are separate entities, of which the Kalistanneva wind farm includes 30 power plants and the Matkussaari wind farm 27 power plants. In addition to the turbine foundations, the contracts also include the construction of new roads, the renovation of existing roads, the construction of hardstands, the entirety of the substation, and the cabling of the internal grid.

The combined power of the wind farms is 313.5 MW, which produces green electricity for more than 120,000 households.

“The construction project was started with a really ambitious schedule, with the goal of having all the foundations cast during 2022. In the goal, our entire project organization succeeded in an exemplary manner in cooperation with our Client, supervisors and partners. Casting 57 foundations in three months with high quality and occupational safety is a truly wonderful achievement”, says CEO Ville Vesanen.

The work will continue in 2023 with cabling, infrastructure works and other finishing works.

Suvic – Developing energy for the future 

Suvic Oy, established in 2017, is a development company specializing in the construction of energy solutions, in particular wind farm projects and project management. Suvic also offers contracting work for the energy and industrial construction sector. Suvic brings new, innovative practices to the field of energy construction through design, development, and project management. The company’s current projects include wpd Finland Karhunnevankangas wind farm (Pyhäjoki), Fortum Pjelax-Böle-Kristinestad Norr wind farm (Närpiö, Kristiinankaupunki), Valrea Kalistanneva wind farm (Kurikka) and Matkussaari wind farm (Kurikka).