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Transparent operations

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Building the energy of tomorrow

Founded in Oulu in 2017, Suvic is a construction company that is specialised in energy construction – particularly in wind farm implementation and project management. In addition, the company offers contract work services for other energy and industrial construction. Planning and budgeting are also included in our services.

Our way of working

As an operator, we stand out primarily through our skills and the openness of our operations. We offer project management, planning and contract work all under the same roof.
With us, you get a partner that bears responsibility throughout the entire process. This way, you can trust that information is effectively communicated during the project’s different phases and that the shared direction and goals remain clear in the minds of everyone participating in the project. We believe that this clarifies operations in every project, enabling better management, cost efficiency and transparency.

In-house planning for the customer’s benefit

With us, planning happens seamlessly in-house as part of a project. Our expertise comes from a combination of training, experience and courage. We are able to plan and offer location-specific solutions for foundations, among other things. This means that with wind farms, for example, we offer several researched options instead of one compromise solution, where this approach will produce financial savings for the customer or enable an option with less risk.

We believe that good planning and close communication with the customer prevent any possible additional expenses from popping up in the later phases of the project. It could be said that we want to solve the customer’s problems before they materialise – a reason why it is worth trusting us.

Although we are contractors, we have not forgotten that continuous product development is critical. A good example of this work is the rock anchor foundation method we have developed, which minimises CO2 emissions by reducing the amount of concrete required and thus decreasing the need to drive heavy machinery to the construction site.

Good customer service and doing things in a smart way has been our guiding principle since the founding of the company. We really think about what is the best solution for the customer in each situation.
Ville Vesanen, CEO

Open-book model offers transparency

Our exceptional way of presenting costs and expenses in project management contracts is the open-book model, which means that we present the actual realised costs to the customer in relation to the budgeted costs. We believe that transparency benefits both us and the customer. The model helps undo the occasional misconceptions of the price levels in the market at any given time. Simultaneously, the real-time monitoring offers us the opportunity to challenge our own operations and even cut down on costs.

Savings through comprehensive project management

In our view, a model where we both plan and are responsible for the implementation of the budget works the best for the customer, as it keeps the project from overspending and prevents unforeseen additional costs.

Janne Räisänen, Work Manager
Whether it is a turnkey contract or the project management model, we control the process from start to finish. We offer the customer information about what the expenses truly are and primarily sell our expertise, offering the best solution for each situation. It is this package that gives us a competitive edge in both quality and price.
Not only are we able to integrate the various parts of a project into one another through our expertise, we can also take care of some of the tasks and responsibilities that traditionally fall on the commissioner. We take possible challenges into account in the early phases and incorporate them in the budget, ensuring that our customer avoids any surprises as the project progresses. We believe that a budget should be believably feasible, yet sufficiently challenging. In every project, we challenge ourselves to be an even more efficient Suvic – this makes us a skilled professional in project management.

Suvic is part of the Dovre Group

Dovre Group is a global provider of project management services. Dovre Group has three business areas: Project Personnel, Consulting and Renewable energy. Dovre Group has offices in Canada, Finland, Norway, Singapore, and the US, and employs more than 800 people worldwide. Dovre Group is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki (symbol: DOV1V).

We at Suvic are proud of our expertise and professional skills in energy and industrial construction projects. With years of experience and our commitment to top talent, we provide high-quality services and aim to exceed our customers’ expectations. We invest in customer satisfaction through open communication, and this makes us a reliable partner in the sector.

Elektroniikkatie 14
90590 Oulu, Finland
+358 20 741 8840


Please send invoices preferably by e-invoice. The invoice must include the site number and code number (littera) as a reference. The invoice should be addressed to each site separately. We apply a reverse charge to VAT for the purchase of construction services.

E-invoice address: 003728198741
Operator: Maventa (EDI code 003721291126)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By mail:
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